Choose the perfect vacation, it is one of the tasks with more work for the life of the human being, we all hope to meet all our expectations, or if you do not improve the last holidays that we had in the past, satisfy us ourselves, it is very difficult in these times, people we are very hesitant when choosing a place to visit, tastes vary, but one of the best options, and always allow you to experience various emotions in Santorni, being a beautiful island, full of enchanting places where to stop to see a wonderful sunset, to take a glass of wine or for a kiss with the couple. There are numerous small coves where sunbathing and take advantage of the sea. Either as a couple or family beaches in Santorini, will leave you wanting to come back again and again, not only by the beautiful landscapes, also people have a charisma that will improve the tourist to your experience in the place. The beach of Perivolos, is one of the best-known beaches on the island. A volcanic beach of enormous dimensions with beautiful Cycladic type hotels along its beaches. Volcanic dark sand volcanic style of Santorini. Excellent places tucked on the beach with music, drinks and taverns popular family type atmosphere. A place that leaves no one indifferent and that certainly is a must on a trip to Santorini. In addition to strong blow when the winds of the Aegean Sea, this beach is sheltered from the north and always maintains its calm waters and like a raft of oil. Then of Perivolos is also known beach of Kamari Beach in the same style and features. The feasts and the march are also found in high season very accentuated in this beach from very early.

On the other hand if your plans are more inclined to walk on the sand, an excellent recommendation is the beach of Perissa is perhaps the darkest sand beach and features of the volcanic island of Santorini. One of the disadvantages to visit this beach is that you must wear sneakers in order to prevent you burn the feet, this account with hammocks that are the perfect distance to return to rest, if you get bored with walking, a quality are its clean waters and areas of parasols for payment. A beach with plenty of life and local where to eat and enjoy a drink along its coast, although given its extension, you also have the most isolated corners and with less hustle and bustle. It is without doubt one of the most popular beaches. Features numerous water sports centers, diving and tourist attractions of the worth enjoying. The small town of Perissa is an old fishing village that invites to be known in our trip to Santorini.

On the other hand we have the beach of Kamari Beach is another of the emblematic beaches on the island of Santorini. With about five kilometers of dark sand beach and volcanic activity, is a  meeting center for the environment both day and night. We find small hotels in the Mediterranean type, whitewashed in white with a maximum of two floors next to the same sea shore, on a beach in that is not allowed to vehicular traffic. Cafes, chill out music, live and a lot of life along this impressive beach. In addition to the sun loungers, has more remote zones and for those who want to strip naked. Numerous water sports centers, diving and various activities are located in this beach. You can’t go without visiting this beach in your holiday on the Greek island of Santorini

The excellent service on the beach, and the comfort to enjoy in a quiet area and family, characterize this beach as an excellent place to forget the penalties in Santorini, upon arrival you will find that the sand does not exist, instead there is dark and hot volcanic stones, with a good footwear is fixed and you hardly submerges in the water you forget that detail. Extremely transparent and pleasant temperature, no waves. On one side there is a large rocky wall that people use for climbing and diving. It is wide (difficult in these places). Many restaurants and bars for a drink or eat something at sunset…a great place.

On the other hand we have the beach of AgiaParaskevi is a geological phenomenon of volcanic origin of the island. In this place was concentrated the lava clearer and has been sculpted by the sea for centuries. Although far from the capital of Santorini island, Thira, is worth the effort to visit and spend a bathroom, enjoying their casual sculptures that nature to forged. It is a quiet and little traveled, unlike many other popular beaches of Santorini.

The wonderful beach of Perivolos is located on the south coast of Santorini, in front of the cliffs of white rock, in which the wind and sea have sculpted rare forms and amazing that give it a wild atmosphere of lunar landscape. The beach itself is a long stretch of volcanic sand gray, with limited services (only a couple of sun loungers and parasols on one of the ends). If you walk a little, you will find a secluded and you can even bathe naked. At the beginning of the beach, just above the water, is the discreet Theros Wave Bar, built of stone and natural wood. Its stone terrace, with palm trees, flickering candles and chill-out music, makes it an ideal setting for taking a few cocktails after a day at the beach. These are among the best beaches in Santorini, where you can enjoy a number of activities, either swimming or hiking, in the same way you can rent boats or simply a hammock to relax, stand out for its landscapes and quiet and therefore offer the best options to be visited on vacation, don’t make you frustrated by the dream vacation, remember when you make your dream come true, the beaches of Santorini will give you the best experiences.